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The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Revenue for Online Stores 

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Discover how implementing onsite retargeting practices can help your online revenue grow.


Launching an online business is exciting. After months of effort, you’re ready to make your online store a continuous and stable source of revenue – and you only have a few seconds. It’s true. Despite all the effort you’ve put into launching your store, you only have a few seconds to convince your visitors to make a purchase.

Ecommerce data has proven that most visitors won’t buy immediately – only 8% of them will add an item to their cart. What’s more, many of these visitors will never complete checkout – the average cart abandonment rate is over 68%. 

In total, the average conversion rate is only 3%. To put it another way, 97% of visitors leave the average website without buying. It’s a shocking truth and the reality that ecommerce store owners face every day. 

That’s why business owners and digital marketers are constantly working to drive more traffic. However, when you focus only on building traffic, you are missing opportunities to convert existing traffic into valuable sales and leads signups. 

Improving the conversion rate of existing traffic is known as conversion rate optimization. The most successful ecommerce stores are great at driving traffic, and they are even better at converting traffic into customers, encouraging repeat business, and giving their visitors a reason to visit their site again. 

If you ignore the conversion rate on your site and focus only on driving traffic, you’ll quickly spend most of your time and money with little to show for it in return. To increase the revenue and the profitability of your ecommerce site, you’ve got to include conversion rate optimization as part of your strategy. 

There are several tools available to help you improve your conversions. In this guide, we’ll be looking at one of the best ways to boost sales and leads – onsite retargeting. 

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